Starseed Radio is a action based radio show with a plan to help build self empowerment of one's self, family and there community through ancient knowledge, secret information and technology to sustain the planet. The commentator Jonah Bolt covers the latest in World News, Conscious Living, Health & Wellness, Earth Changes, Global Events, New Technologies, Spirituality, Sustainable Practices, Esoteric Topics, Holistic Practitioners, Healers & Galactic News. Featuring ground breaking Conscious content that includes Environmental and Social Change movements, Activism and getting people more actively involved in their communities to make substantial change. Starseed Radio is hosted by Jonah Bolt, a modern day renaissance man. Jonah has traveled to over 40 countries world-wide, Has toured the US for motivational speaking, TV & Radio Interviews globally and has been published over a dozen times for his poetry and other writings. Given his grace and energy toward people awakening to what is happening in this world, Jonah is inspired to help empower people through sustainability of Food, Water, FREE Energy and Education around the globe. He has built a massive network of people who also want to gather the masses to make substantial change aboard Spaceship Earth. Starseed Radio has hosted some of the world's top doctors, scientist's, spiritual leaders, presidential candidates, music artists, authors, visionaries, activists, and other special guests. Over the past 5 years of Starseed Radios broadcast, the show is now reaching listeners in over 162 countries.
GOLD (Part 2) - Renewable Energy & Gold

GOLD (Part 2) – Gold Vs. The U.S. Dollar: The Big Lie – Under the gold standard, a free banking system stands as the protector of an economy’s stability and balanced growth. When gold is accepted as the medium of exchange by most or all nations, an unhampered free international gold standard serves to foster a world-wide division of labor and the broadest international trade. Even though the units of exchange (the dollar, the pound, the franc, etc.) differ from country to country, when all are defined in terms of gold the economies of the different countries act as one. – Alan Greenspan, “Gold and Economic Freedom,” 1966

I don’t know if the Plunge Protection Team will be able to stabilize and bounce the market today. I suspect they will get it done sometime in the next 24-48 hours – there’s real blood money at stake here. By this I mean there’s still a lot of middle class wealth that has not been wiped off the table and into the pockets of the elitists. Hell, Hillary Clinton is still standing – for now.

But at some point our system will collapse. EVERYONE in this country has been living off the benefits of The Big Lie for too long. It’s not just the upper .1% who have benefited, even the welfare programs have been levitated by the U.S. Government’s ability to bamboozle the rest of the world into buying our debt and accepting our currency.

When the rest of the world flinched at taking down more debt, the Fed printed trillions to buy U.S. Treasuries directly, and lent $100’s of millions to the Bank of Japan and the ECB to enable them indirectly to continue propping up the Big Lie.

But today gives us a glimpse of The Truth. Beneath the headlines of plunging stock markets, and not being reported by the U.S. financial muppets, is a stunning 1.5% plunge overnight in the U.S. dollar:

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Imagination is more important then knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

SPECIAL GUEST: Erik Lee (Energy Erik) – Erik has a background in renewable energy and has joined the new gold exchange system. He talks about the importance of gold and energy.

SHOW BROADCAST LOCATION: Parrita, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica

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GOLD (Part 1) - Metaphysical Properties of Gold

GOLD Part 1 – Metaphysical Properties of Gold – Gold is said to be used to bring wealth, happiness and feelings of comfort. It is a mineral of spirituality, magic, understanding, and attunement to nature. It attracts positive energy and is a wonderful healing mineral.

Legend states that Gold is a masculine stone ruled by the sun expressing it’s projective qualities on other minerals and crystals, especially topaz, rubies, orange zircon and peridot…all whose power increases when set in Gold. It is believed that topaz in a Gold setting disperser enchantments and rubies in Gold may refresh the body by absorbing energy from the sun.

It is also told that Gold can prevent spiritual corrosion, that it adds to the realm of complete understanding and that it can clear away negativity.

It has the ability to transform energy and negativity…although it is also told that Gold may bring greed to the soul, and must be tempered when used or worn. Matched with silver, Gold‘s negative influence is usually moderated.

It can help to assuage the overburden of responsibility, to ease feelings of depression and inferiority and to calm anger.

Gold has been used in the purification and balancing of the heart chakra and for the amplification of thought-forms.

Gold also assists one in attuning to nature and its healing forces. It can clear negativity from the charkas and the energy fields of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies, while transferring the vitality of a companion mineral to the affected area.

Gold produces an energy that is both cooperative and receptive, allowing for extensive use with other gem-stones; Gold is capable of attracting and maintaining those qualities, which are inherent within the additional stone.

Pink Gold can represent spirituality and White can combine the sun and moon’s energies. In some Asian cultures, adding Goldto statues was part of rituals meant to bring the statue to life.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I will not turn my clocks back. I will then be living one hour in the future. I greet you, people of the past. Your ways are quaint.” – Unknown

SPECIAL GUEST: Peter Sterling – A self-taught harpist who began to play after a series of life-changing angel encounters in the canyons of Sedona, Arizona, in the early 1990s. His music has touched the hearts and souls of thousands around the world– many report heavenly visions and even miraculous healings. Peter’s recordings have been at the top of the New Age radio charts and nominated for several awards. He travels extensively around the world, performing healing concerts, lightbody workshops, and transformational tours to sacred sites.

SHOW BROADCAST LOCATION: Parrita, Puntarenas Province, Costa Rica

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Jason Verbelli, A.N.N. & Top News Stories

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Host Jonah Bolt talks on the 24 hour Global Earth changes, Top Headlines & Special Report Stories.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” – Henry Kissinger

GAME OF THORNES Person of the day; Henry Kissinger

SPECIAL GUEST: Jason Verbelli – Searl Magnetics – Searl’s purpose – The Searl Effect Technology promises to be one of the greatest of mankind’s inventions and a window to a new world of possibilities. These extraordinary accomplishments should earn him Nobel Prizes along with such honors as the “Inventor of the 21st Century”,
but his true desire is to see to it that this technology be fully implemented as soon as possible for the benefit of the people and the global environment.

The story of his hardships and persecution is a long one, long after most men would have given into the gambit of big business monopolies with the misleading’s of government officials and even pathological skeptics sponsored to promote misinformation against alternative energy solutions, Professor John Searl is never the less with us today and courageously willing to offer his solution to our planet in crisis.

The SEG is a revolutionary device that generates electrical power by converting natural outside energy regardless of the weather conditions. It produces economically sustainable clean energy with no reliance on fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas, and so it is a carbon free alternative.

However, the development and implementation of this revolutionary invention has encountered a great deal of resistance over many years because of the obvious economical repercussions to big oil industries, energy distribution monopolies and stiff ideologies that have entrenched themselves deeply within governments, industry and institutions that depend heavily on maintaining today’s status quo.

If the people of the World should choose to support John’s final mission, and adopt his technology, we would eliminate air pollution, solve our looming energy crisis and support unprecedented economic growth. Anything that can be run electrically can be driven by an SEG, with no pollution and no use of fuel as it is commonly known.

How much longer will we allow the corruption and greed of the privileged to blind us from the opportunity to heal our Mother Earth and advance technologically? This may be our last chance to accept

John Searl’s offer to make the transition to a better World.

We hear about massive destruction of tropical rain forests with growing deserts around the World. We also hear about pollution going into our air, rivers, lakes and seas. And now, the polar icecaps are receding with a growing ozone hole over them. All this is making it increasingly self evident that the environment is being compromised ominously by human activity.

These ecological problems may seem far away from our everyday life as most things may still seem normal to us on a day by day basis, but one day we might wake up to the fact that we are too late to repair the damage done to our environment.

The Earth will survive, but the Human Race may not…


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Edward Twitchall Hall III & The "Daily Download"

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Host Jonah Bolt talks with Ryan Dernick from who covers the 24 hour Global Earth changes, Top Headlines & Special Report Stories in his segment the “Daily Download”. 100% CLEAR SOLAR CELL COULD MAKE EVERY WINDOW & ELECTRONIC SCREEN A POWER SOURCE. Scientists have found an Alien code in our DNA: Ancient Engineers. India to plant 2 BILLION trees along its highways, creating jobs for 300,000 youths. The Science of the Heart.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Education is not the learning facts. It’s rather the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Thomas Jefferson

SPECIAL GUEST: Edward Twitchell Hall III – Ted is an artist, researcher, inspiring farmer, alumni of Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and Bard College, native New Mexican grandson of Edward T Hall Jr – anthropologist and contemporary of Buckminster Fuller. In the 2000’s, Ted fused the fields of psychology and environmental economics through his senior thesis to remedy behavioral, cultural and institutional roots of sustainability, and to discover new paradigms of development to harmonize humanity’s greatest gifts to meet global warming. In parallel with his research, Ted lead the successful effort to commit Bard College to Carbon Neutrality, resulting in a revolution of the curriculum and management of the 600 + acre campus and the establishment of the Bard Center for Environmental Policy and Masters in Sustainable Business Administration, which he helped in forming the foundational curriculum. For two years Ted conducted research at the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, culminating in his first public speech at the first TED event in New York City called “The Poetry of Science: Realizing Our Potential Through Humanizing Our Research”. The speech he gave lead to a personal realization no solutions to Global Warming could be distributed through old institutions, but that new institutions had to be made, that did not ignore the spiritual rebirth of mankind, and that nothing short of a planetary, face to face network could distribute solutions necessary for an appropriate response to Global Warming.

To find some inner perspective, Ted visited the Kogi of Colombia, the largest pre-Columbian civilization, began studying the Bahá’í institutional framework and organized key groups of the Occupy Wall Street, continuing into multi year work with local and international First Nations in organizing farmers and waterways. Through this work Ted met and married his greatest inspiration, Anne Apparu, and they now manage a garden in the Upper West Side with three schools, and offer pan-generational education on how global warming can be managed, stopped or even taken advantage of by rebuilding soil systems, advancing global culture of healthy eating, and implementing already functioning patterns of community development and collective learning.


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Daniel Barber & Top New Stories

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Host Jonah Bolt talks on the 24 hour Global Earth changes, Top Headlines & Special Report Stories. NASA GATHERS SCIENTISTS, HISTORIANS, PHILOSOPHERS AND THEOLOGIANS TO PREPARE MANKIND FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT. CDC admits 98 million Americans were given cancer virus via the polio shot. Russia Issues International ARREST WARRANT For ROTHSCHILD & SOROS! European royals killing naked children for fun at human hunting parties. CANADA: HELLS ANGELS MEMBERS PROTEST LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Always speak the truth, even if your voice shakes” – Anonymous

SPECIAL GUEST: Daniel Barber – I spent my childhood and early adulthood trying to learn how things are done. I spent the early part of my adulthood trying to do them differently. I spent the past decade or so trying to unlearn what I knew. These days I’m looking to connect with the ever-present source of joy and inspiration inside and pursuing ways to share it. Simple. Enlivening. Fun!

I’ve been leading the Jubilee! Community World Beat Band in Asheville NC since 2001, playing a versatile repertoire of jazz, blues, rock, Latin, reggae and gospel in support of the spiritual experience of the Jubilee! community every Sunday morning. It is true delight to find ways to weave secular popular music into the sacred space of the Jubilee! celebrations. Through this melding of the secular and sacred, the community is invited into the surprising, mind expanding and heart opening experience of the Divine in everything.

After moving to Asheville in 1997 and reconnecting to my musical roots, I began drumming for several weekly African dance classes and helped facilitate the infamous Asheville drumming circle on Friday nights that continues to draw hundreds of enthralled spectators and inspire them to become participants. For over a decade I explored improvisational music and acting with Asheville Playback Theatre, which was grand fun and deeply rewarding (hmmm, now there’s a standard of living for you..). In 2003 I formed the upbeat band Current Invention, which brings together some of Asheville’s finest musicians and vocalists to play for weddings, celebrations, conferences and fundraisers in the Western North Carolina area.

My career path has taken me through social work, research design, statistics, policy and program evaluation, video production and music. Quite a circuitous route, for sure, but each of these have left bread crumbs that have led me to my current work of helping you find deep joy and satisfaction connecting to and expressing yourself more fully through music and movement.

Thanks for coming here to see what I’m up to. I have some cool ideas, opportunities and possibilities to share with you. Let’s play…


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James Rink & Top News stories

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Host Jonah Bolt talks on the 24 hour Global Earth changes, Top Headlines & Special Report Stories. Canada’s New PM Issues Challenge to US – “We’re Ending Wars and Legalizing Pot. It is here: Court ruling paves way for mass confiscation of firearms in America. Houston Anthropologist Reveals Irrefutable Proof that Recorded History Is Wrong. Iran Is About To Legalise Cannabis.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “It’s clearly a crisis of two things: of consciousness and conditioning. We have the technological power, the engineering skills to save our planet, too cure disease, to feed the hungry, to end war; But we lack the intellectual vision, the ability to change our minds. We must decondition ourselves from 10,000 years of bad behavior. And, it’s not easy.” – Terence McKenna

SPECIAL GUEST: James Rick – James Rink is a meditation practitioner, author, and film producer. Through his Super Soldier Talk video series he has helped awaken humanity to the injustices many soul survivors have had to endure and bring integration to many people alike.

Healing Soul Survivors is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit national advocacy and research organization for alternative treatments of emotional trauma and abuse for veterans and victims of trauma resulting in PTSD , Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. We work with many organizations that help soul survivors from many walks of life but our main focus is working with veterans and individuals who now live shattered lives due to trauma. Healing Soul Survivors does not provide medical advice for any medical disorder please consult your physician for PTSD treatment.

Our focus is to help sponsor research and lectures for teaching strategies of new and innovative ways of treating trauma and PTSD involving meditation, natural medicines, and the power of suggestion. If you like to learn more about our seminars or notified of our next event please join our mailing list.


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Charles Gilchrist, A.N.N. & Top News Stories

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Host Jonah Bolt talks with Ryan Dernick from who covers the 24 hour Global Earth changes, Top Headlines & Special Report Stories in his segment the “Daily Download”. Astronomers May Have Found Evidence of Aliens In Our Galaxy!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.” – Dalai Lama

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day:

ANGEL NEWS NETWORK REPORT: Phillip Collins & Joel Anastasi – Phillip and Joel join us on there segment called “News From A 5D Perspective” where they Channel Ascended masters from the higher realms and other lightbeings to discus the top stories and news of the week.

Phillip Collins brings a multi-dimensional background into being one of the co-founders of The Angel News Network and founder of The Modern Day Mystery School as a teacher/life coach, author/poet, filmmaker and healing arts light ascension therapist addressing the balancing of our emotional, mental and physical bodies during the transformational times. Phillip’s background also includes international commercial TV production skills with filmmaker George Lucas, as director of marketing at Industrial Light & Magic, and founder of Fairbanks Films with film directors Ridley and Tony Scott.

As a conscious channel he receives messages and wisdom’s from various higher realms which are empowering and are reflected with his endeavors.

Joel D. Anastasi has been a news reporter, magazine editor, VP at a major financial organization and a management consultant working with a wide range of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to small non-profits. He holds a BS degree in Economics from Syracuse University and an MS degree from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism.

SPECIAL GUEST: Charles Gilchrist – I am a serious artist dedicated to the expansion and evolution of human consciousness. All of my Mandalas are “Ritualized Prayer”: As I create my Mandalas (each based on a root aspect of Sacred Geometry) I humbly ask the universe to teach me through the direct, open-eyed meditational experience.

As the Mandala develops and my meditations deepen, I see ever more beautiful correspondences revealing themselves through this Sacred Language of conceptual form. And occasionally, I even experience transcendent revelations which both shock and expand my radius of comprehension.

The more I make Mandalas based on empirical Sacred Geometry, the more I begin to perceive the true nature of the universe.

ALL springs from Unity Consciousness, which first expresses geometrically as “THE Single Point”. And no mater where you go in space and time… there you are… at that same “Single Point”, “THE Center Of The Universe”.


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Phil Gruber & The "Daily Download"

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Host Jonah Bolt talks with Ryan Dernick from who covers the 24 hour Global Earth changes, Top Headlines & Special Report Stories in his segment the “Daily Download”

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Turn on, Tune in, Drop out. Intelligence is the ultimate aphrodisiac pleasure.” – Timothy Leary

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Michael J Fox

SPECIAL GUEST: Phil Gruber – teacher of Sacred Geometry, Bio-Geometry and Bio-Regenesis – Phil is acknowledged world-wide as one of the foremost teachers of Sacred Geometry, the Secrets and Mysteries of the Holy Grail, the True Nature of Angels and the Angelic Kingdoms, Advanced Systems of Healing, the Truth of the Indigo Children and a host of other exciting subjects. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of metaphysics and has been described as a “magical genius with a heart of pure gold.” He has spoken at the United Nations and is currently working on his first two books.


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Corey Hearth, P.T.A. & Top Headlines

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Host Jonah Bolt talks on the 24 hour Global Earth changes, Top Headlines & Special Report Stories. Doctors Without Borders bombed by the Pentagon opposed the TPP, pharma monopolies. Total blackout of Fukushima truth by U.S. media; sailors suffer and die while denial continues. Believing vaccines are safe because Big Pharma says so is just as stupid as believing cigarettes are safe because Big Tobacco says so. School shooters rise from the dead to tweet their support for psychiatric drugs in ‪#‎MedicatedAndMighty‬ hashtag campaign (dark satire).

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Don’t look for a partner who is eye candy. Look for a partner who is sould food.” – Karen Salmansohn

SPECIAL GUEST: Cory Herter – The man who died 300 times! Join Cory Herter as he shares his wisdom from 1000+ hours on the “Other Side.” Learn about Sacred Geometry, Life After Death, Energy Healing, DNA Activation, & more! At age10, Cory was in a car accident and had his first near-death-experience. During a 5-year period that followed, he had 300 more NDE’s and was given the ability to create technology to heal his brain. After 15 years of intense dedication to his life’s mission, Cory feels the time has finally come for you to experience the phenomenon known as Sacred G™.


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Laura Eisenhower, Dr. Miller & Top Headlines

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Host Jonah Bolt talks on the 24 hour Global Earth changes, Top Headlines & Special Report Stories. Top 10 Civilizations That Mysteriously Disappeared. Obama just signed another executive order, this time declaring government control over the entire Internet. Undeniable, glaringly obvious facts about the US, Russia & Syria that people need to get into their heads. Pension Funds and Savings Deposits = Pyramid Schemes?. Undeniable, glaringly obvious facts about the US, Russia & Syria that people need to get into their heads.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Our money is FAKE. Our debt is FAKE. Our two party political system is FAKE. Most of the stuff we’ve been told is FAKE. Once you realize this, what you thought of as REALITY begins to look like a cheap set on some rediculous B movie.” – Wake Up World

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Steven Spielberg

SPECIAL GUEST: Laura Eisenhower – Through natural alchemy, Sacred Union, and living the entire mythological body of the Goddess, Laura is powerfully creating global transformation on the Venus path. Taking on the darkest forces on Earth, Laura reveals the influence of the false matrix and conquers the hidden agendas that are affecting our personal freedom. She opens the gateways for ascension, reveals the source of ancient symbols, and brings to light the true Holy Grail.

Practice & Research: societal/cultural affairs, conflict resolution & peacekeeping, ancient matriarchal cultures, wilderness leadership, exopolitics, galactic research, environmental science, mysticism, alchemy, metaphysics, holistic health, multidimensional travel, and natural systems philosophy
Associations: Christ – Sophia, tree of life, labyrinth, Ain Soph, Holy Grail, vesica pisces, Shakti, World Soul, Lady Alchymia, Aditi, star-fire, womb of creation, Venus, Sacred Union, Gnosis, philosopher’s stone, Mayan calendar, natural stargate & more

SPECIAL GUEST: Dr. Richard Alan Miller – Author and researcher Dr. Richard Alan Miller reveals a depth of knowledge and experience in Alternative Agriculture, Physics, and Metaphysics. Miller began working in the secret world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s, and now has amazing experiences and conclusions to share.

His writings reveal a depth of knowledge and experience in three major fields; Alternative Agriculture, Physics, and Metaphysics. Before many leading edge concepts became trendy topics, Miller was (and is) in the international front lines of research, experimentation and documentation.

Today, Miller writes for Nexus magazine and is a preferred guest on internet radio. In the 21st century Miller is re-emerging at a critical time in humanities evolution where metaphysics and practical survival converge.


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