Starseed Radio is a action based radio show with a plan to help build self empowerment of one's self, family and there community through ancient knowledge, secret information and technology to sustain the planet. The commentator Jonah Bolt covers the latest in World News, Conscious Living, Health & Wellness, Earth Changes, Global Events, New Technologies, Spirituality, Sustainable Practices, Esoteric Topics, Holistic Practitioners, Healers & Galactic News. Featuring ground breaking Conscious content that includes Environmental and Social Change movements, Activism and getting people more actively involved in their communities to make substantial change. Starseed Radio is hosted by Jonah Bolt, a modern day renaissance man. Jonah has traveled to over 40 countries world-wide, Has toured the US for motivational speaking, TV & Radio Interviews globally and has been published over a dozen times for his poetry and other writings. Given his grace and energy toward people awakening to what is happening in this world, Jonah is inspired to help empower people through sustainability of Food, Water, FREE Energy and Education around the globe. He has built a massive network of people who also want to gather the masses to make substantial change aboard Spaceship Earth. Starseed Radio has hosted some of the world's top doctors, scientist's, spiritual leaders, presidential candidates, music artists, authors, visionaries, activists, and other special guests. Over the past 5 years of Starseed Radios broadcast, the show is now reaching listeners in over 162 countries.










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The “Daily Download”, Peter Sterling & Richard Shulman

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Host Jonah Bolt talks with Ryan Dernick from who covers the 24 hour Global Earth changes, Top Headlines & Special Report Stories in his segment the “Daily Download”. All You Need to Know about 9/11 to Prove it was an “Inside Job; 24 Hard Facts About 9/11 That Cannot Be Debunked; Manufacturing Moon Cake: Chinese Startup 3D Prints Edible Treats; Scientists tout newly-discovered human relative; Northern lights seen as far south as Washington State; Earthquakes today from around the world. Prehistoric giant virus unearthed in Siberia. U.S. Military first loses Anthrax earlier this summer now it’s the plague; Remembering 9/11 and those who lost their lives; Former Vice President Dick Cheney says Iran Deal is “Madness”; On Wall St. investors wary with the upcoming potential for the fed to hike interest rates in next weeks meeting; A second death linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak suspected to have been caused by tainted cucumbers has been reported.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Governments don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. That is against their interests. They want obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork. And just dumb enough to passively accept it.” – George Carlin

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Bill Gates

SPECIAL GUEST: Richard Shulman – Keyboardist and composer Richard Shulman creates music intended to be a positive influence for himself, audiences and society. Richard has recorded 23 of his own albums as well as more than two dozen other recordings for which he has provided compositions, performances and/or musical production. Trained in the classical and jazz fields, he has developed a heartfelt language in these genres while focussing a significant amount of his output on music for meditation, healing and inspiration. He currently divides his concert schedule between performances of his meditation music and his original jazz as personified by the Richard Shulman Trio.

Shulman has performed at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Art Park, the United Nations, the Kool Jazz Festival, The Amenia Peace Festival and a wide variety of other venues throughout North America and in Europe.

As a composer, Shulman has created over sixty five pieces for jazz quartet as well as songs and pieces for chamber ensembles, choir, and symphony orchestra. In 1986 and 1987 he composed music for orchestra and jazz quartet during residencies at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. From 1986 through 1995, Shulman was the principal composer for “Theatre of the Heart,” a cooperative of dancers, singers, and musicians dedicated to fostering community and the environment. Commissions include a piece for the Amherst Saxophone Quartet, and “May Peace Prevail on Earth” for singers, symphony orchestra, three choirs, and jazz quartet, created for the World Peace Prayer Society. In addition, he has created hundreds of ‘Musical Soul Portrait‘ recordings for individuals, couples, and groups.

SPECIAL GUEST: Peter Sterling – Peter is a self-taught harpist who began to play after a series of life-changing angel encounters in the canyons of Sedona, Arizona, in the early 1990s. His music has touched the hearts and souls of thousands around the world– many report heavenly visions and even miraculous healings. Peter’s recordings have been at the top of the New Age radio charts and nominated for several awards. He travels extensively around the world, performing healing concerts, lightbody workshops, and transformational tours to sacred sites.

Success followed soon after and here Peter’s story finally takes on a more typical aspect. The music label World Disc released his first two recordings, including Harp Magic which was nominated in 1994 for NAIRD’s (now A2IM) Best Album award. Peter then founded his own label, Harp Magic Music, as well as signing on with New Age music giant Real Music (the label released Sterling’s 2005 album, Shadow, Mist and Light). In 2004, Harp Dreams, released on Peter’s Harp Magic label, sat at the top of New Age Radio’s Top 100 for eight weeks.

Currently, Peter is promoting his new CD, Patterns of Reflection (also released on Harp Magic Music) as well as getting ready for the promotional tour for his first book, Hearing the Angels Sing (published by Light Technology), a memoir of his musical awakening with the aid of the angels. Besides recording, he tours and plays live, here in the US and abroad, both as a solo artist and in an ensemble setting, frequently incorporating multi-media visual elements of nature and the cosmos. He will be a guest artist on the upcoming album Global Force from the successful jazz fusion group Third Force. In addition to his music, Peter also teaches classes on sound healing and the effects of sound and music on consciousness. When he finally slows down enough to come home and rest, he is joined in Ojai, California by his partner Crystal and their 10-month old son, Micah.


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The “Daily Download” & Guest Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Host Jonah Bolt talks with Ryan Dernick from who covers the 24 hour Global Earth changes, Top Headlines & Special Report Stories in his segment the “Daily Download”. Solar activity is still very minimal; Lots of Earthquake activity from around the world; Global markets still up and down; Utah is warned by geologists of an impending large quake that could take thousands of lives and cost $30 billion in damages; China, Russia and U.S. are vying for a stake in the Arctic. Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador could erupt at any time as surrounding communities remain vigilant; Journalist Petra Laszlo of Hungary’s N1TV is fired for being caught on camera tripping and kicking Syrian refugees fleeing through Hungary; A once in 50 years flood in Japan has forced over 100,000 evacuations with many still missing. Russia sends ships, aircraft and troops to Syria.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “All we gotta do is stand up and it’s game over!!!” – Endspire

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Petra Laszlo

SPECIAL GUEST: Rebecca Hardcastle Wright, PhD, is the founder of the Institute for Exoconsciousness whose mission is to research and apply the abilities of human consciousness sourced in extraterrestrial experience. She created the concept of Exoconsciousness which is the study of the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of human consciousness.

Rebecca’s signature is bridging consciousness science and ET experiencers. Her work encourages us to explore the questions: Do humans have an innate ability to experience extraterrestrial contact? And if so, how does it manifest and what are the implications for our species and our planet?

Exoconsciousness is confirmation of humanity’s relationship with the Extraterrestrial Presence. At its heart, it is a social, cultural movement that joins with consciousness scientists, energy healers, spiritual practitioners, paranormal researchers and near death experiencers to transform how we humans know ourselves. Her research has broad implications for brain-based neuroscience, technology-based transhumanism, and quantum-based cosmic consciousness.

Exoconsciousness normalizes psychic abilities, telepathy and ET contact as essential for a 21st century human. Exoconscious humans birth psychic abilities, experience inter-dimensional travel and identify themselves as a cosmic beings.

Rebecca is the author of Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind. In this emerging field of Exoconsciousness, she collaborates with consciousness scientists associated with Quantrek and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. She is a frequent guest on radio talk shows, appears in films and is a featured keynote speaker.

Currently she teaches Exoconsciousness on the faculty of International Metaphysical University (IMU). She also created and taught one of the first courses on Ufology in the U.S. at Scottsdale Community College, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Rebecca has extensive experience working with UFO and extraterrestrial contactees as a coach and hypnotherapist. This work inspired her to create the concept of Exoconsciousness. She trained with Ruth Hover, PhD, a pioneer ufologist who participated in Dr. John Mack’s professional organization PEER (Program for Extraordinary Experience Research).

Her graduate degrees include an MDiv in Philosophical Theology from Boston University School of Theology and a PhD in Parapsychic Science from American Institute of Holistic Theology. Her bachelor degree is in Philosophy and Religion from Otterbein University. Rebecca also studied Continental Philosophy at the Institute for European Studies in Basel, Switzerland. Rebecca is an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church and served as an inter-faith university chaplain at Wright State University in Ohio. Her hypnotherapy and life coach certifications are from Southwestern Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona.


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The "Daily Download" P.T.A. & Guest Pattie Walkinturtle

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Ryan Dernick from & Jonah Bolt cover the 24 hour Global Earth changes; Solar activity remains low. Earthquake activity today. Tropics remain active in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. California EPA to final put warning disclaimers on Monsanto’s “Round Up” herbicides stating chemicals in it like glyphosate are highly carcinogenic to humans. U.S. billionaire globalist Warren Buffet says soldiers and veterans are not important in a market based economy. Domino effect earthquakes possible in the western U.S. all the way to Lake Tahoe: “If everything in this region is synchronized, all of a sudden there could be a domino effect” after a big quake in the northwest, said Graham Kent, director of the Nevada Seismological Laboratory at University of Nevada, Reno.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I am not afraid of my truth anymore, I will not omit pieces of me to make you feel comfortable. Love me for who I am or not at all. Decide if you are part of my history or part of my future… I am who I am.” – Honey Child

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Bill Gates

SPECIAL GUEST: Pattie Walkinturtle – Patty was born and raised in the bayous and swamps of southern Louisiana.Living a lifestyle born of a connection to the land that spanned centuries. She has lived the adventure of a lifetime and is currently working on a book of prose and wisdoms garnered from her life experiences titled “Turtle Walk” (Life as seen through the eyes of a turtle walker).

Pattie is the owner of These Changing Timez Radio a partner with the Awake Radio Network which covers all aspects of our changing world, and is always striving to bring global awareness of the events,and possible solutions in these changing times.


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DAILY DOWNLOAD: Ryan Dernick from & Jonah Bolt cover the 24 hour Global Earth changes; GLOBAL MASS ASCENSION, SEPTEMBER 28, 2015, AS WAVE-X BOMBARDS THE EARTH!; One Of The Most Important Scientists In The World: “Most Cancer Research Is Largely A Fraud; Google’s New Project Is So Insanely Advanced It Will Blow You Away; Solar activity is very quiet. More aftershock earthquakes have occurred today after yesterdays 6.2 and 6.4 quakes near L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand. An unseasonable dust storm engulfs Beruit, Lebanon. Southern California is more vulnerable to a tsunami than previously thought according to new scientific run up models revealing Ventura, California could receive a substantial tsunami in the event of an offshore 7.0 magnitude or greater quake. Germany will accept 500,000 refugees a year and UK will take in 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next 5 years. Chemtrails in our skies are an ongoing health issue as government contracted corporation Raytheon has been part of this unhealthy geo-engineering initiative. Recently a group of geoengineering activists including San Francisco researcher and citizen journalist Patrick Roddie testified before the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on this matter. Lasers may be an effective way to deter earthbound asteroids preliminary lab tests reveal. The 7 year Jewish cycle known as the Shemitah is on September 15th which may cause economic markets to respond badly if the historical analogs hold true as the previous episodes with the last 7yr. Shemitah cycle experienced the 2008 recession and before that was the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “We have the money, the power, the medical understanding, the scientific know-how, the love and the community to produce a kind of human paradise. But we are led by the least among us – the least intelligent, the least noble, the least visionary. We are led by the least among us and we do not fight back against the dehumanizing values that are handed down as control icons.” – Terence McKenna

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Clarence Thomas

SPECIAL GUEST: David Almeida – A Rosicrucian, Spiritualist, and researcher of esoteric knowledge. He has over twenty years of experience working in the America judicial system as a professional private investigator. David is a committed volunteer advocate for abused and neglected children with the court sanctioned Guardian ad Litem program. David is also Board Certified Hypnotist, advanced past-life regressionist therapist, and Reiki healer.

David is the author of The First Truth: A Book of Metaphysical Theories and Illusion of the Body: Introducing the Body Alive Principle. He has also co-authored a chapter for best-selling series the Adventures in Manifesting Series: Soulful Relationships (with Lynn Rose and Bob Doyle). David has written over ninety Internet articles on metaphysical topics. He is also a past article contributor to the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

David has made dozens of media appearances. His current focus is on empowering people to develop effective personal success strategies. He writes and speaks extensively on applying ancient mystical philosophy as means for personal growth and development.


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The “Daily Download” & Guest Liz Cox

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Ryan Dernick from & Jonah Bolt cover the 24 hour Global Earth changes; Solar activity is weak with a chance of Auroras in the northern latitudes of the northern hemisphere; Global markets still have the jitters with mixed U.S. job data and a continued jaded economy in China; A series of strong earthquakes have occurred with two quakes of 6.2 and 6.4 with lesser magnitude aftershocks about 191km SSE of L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand; The heartbreaking refugee crisis is testing the ability of the E.U. Countries to handle this ongoing humanitarian issue; Pope Francis takes in two refugee families to live in the Vatican; Possibility of a new world reserve currency may be coming in the future from the IMF.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “The world we are experiencing today is the result of our collective consciousness, and if we want a new world, each of us must start taking responsibility for helping create it.” – Rosemary Fillmore

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Pope Francis

SPECIAL GUEST: Liz Cox – At AskLizzE, we book, manage, market, promote, and produce holistic events in Asheville and the surrounding areas, including the annual Resonate Festival. ( Resonate happens annually every first weekend in October. is a network the local Conscious Arts. The network includes all the people who offer services, classes, activities, and events in the area with a spiritual, holistic, nature based, or energetic intent.


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The “Daily Download” & Guest Sallie Elkordy

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Ryan Dernick from & Jonah Bolt cover the 24 hour Global Earth changes; Solar activity has yielded an increase in northern lights at the northern latitudes; A series of 4.0-4.9 magnitude earthquakes happened near Atka, Alaska today; The E.U. Syrian refugee crisis is getting out of control as Budapest, Turkey is becoming increasingly overwhelmed; Top Polish leaders opposing euro and swine flu vaccines wiped out in mysterious plane crash; Duda has signed a controversial law introducing a dangerous vaccination; Yet another Planned Parenthood video leaks with biotech company Advanced Biosciences Resources Inc. caught in the act of buying fetuses: U.S. markets drop more on the worst job data since 2008. Vancouver geologist earthquake scenario predicts up to 10,000 casualties in the event of a shallow earthquake near B.C.; Wildfires have burned up to 8 million acres in U.S. this 2015; 60,000 endangered saigas antelope die In Kazakhstan within just 4 days baffling scientists.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “When you find yourself in the position to help someone, be happy and feel blessed because God is answering that person’s prayer through you. Remember: Our purpose on earth is not to get lost in the dark but to be a light to others, so that they may find way through us.” Alberto Casing

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Michael Taylor

SPECIAL GUEST: Sallie O. Elkordy, while a long-time activist, is a relative newcomer to the anti-vaccine ranks.

As of 2013, she and her sisters were the principals in a New York based stone-working company started by her grandfather, Adamo Ottavino, in 1913. The Managing Partner is her husband, Muhamed Elkordy.

According to her family company’s website,
“Sallie Ottavino Elkordy holds a Master of Architecture degree from The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University. Also known as “Sillie Sallie”, she is the founder/director of the Museum of Comedy, a non-profit organization serving hospitals and homeless shelters throughout NYC. Mrs. Elkordy has produced over 900 comedy shows on her “Mission of Cheer” since 1993.
Somewhere along the way Ms. Elkordy began believing in a number of highly implausible conspiracy theories, such as “chemtrails” and a secret masterplan to “geoengineer” the world.

In 2011, Ms. Elkordy ran as an independent write-in candidate for the 9th New York Congressional District in Brooklyn and Queens. The campaign did not succeed.

In 2012, Ms. Elkordy launched the “Billion Toddler March for Survival” and a campaign to ban vaccines in New York, claiming


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The “Daily Download” & Guest Edward Twitchill Hall III

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Ryan Dernick from & Jonah Bol t cover the 24 hour Global Earth changes; Solar activity is pretty quiet for now but today marks the 156 year anniversary of the “Carrington Event”; Ruth Newman dies at 113 years of age Cannabis oil cures man’s cancer after he was given 18 months to live: why real cancer cures are always outlawed; Watch as amazing GcMAF treatment kills cancer cells in real time; A couple weeks after the blast in a Tianjin, China chemical plant which killed 158 people another explosion has occurred now in Dongying killing one and causing six execs at the plant to be arrested; Thousands of refugees stranded in Hungary’s capital after being refused rail service to Western Europe; U.S. President Barack Obama has grossly undermined his message on his visit to the Arctic to highlight the dangers of climate change while his administration just allowed Shell to drill there; A fragile truce between Ukrainian government forces and pro-Russian separatists appeared to be holding on Tuesday as both sides made a renewed effort to silence their guns; 18 Turkish construction workers were kidnapped in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, Isis was potentially involved.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “None can destroy iron, but its own rust can! Likewise, non can destroy a person, but his own mindset can.” – Ratan Tata

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Michelle Obama

SPECIAL GUEST: Edward Twitchill Hall III – An artist, researcher, inspiring farmer, alumni of Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, and Bard College, native New Mexican grandson of Edward T Hall Jr – anthropologist and contemporary of Buckminster Fuller. In the 2000’s, Ted fused the fields of psychology and environmental economics through his senior thesis to remedy behavioral, cultural and institutional roots of sustainability, and to discover new paradigms of development to harmonize humanity’s greatest gifts to meet global warming. In parallel with his research, Ted lead the successful effort to commit Bard College to Carbon Neutrality, resulting in a revolution of the curriculum and management of the 600 + acre campus and the etsablishment of the Bard Center for Environmental Policy and Masters in Sustainable Business Administration, which he helped in forming the foundational curriculum. For two years Ted conducted research at the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, culminating in his first public speech at the first TED event in New York City called “The Poetry of Science: Realizing Our Potential Through Humanizing Our Research”. The speech he gave lead to a personal realization no solutions to Global Warming could be distributed through old institutions, but that new institutions had to be made, that did not ignore the spiritual rebirth of mankind, and that nothing short of a planetary, face to face network could distribute solutions necessary for an appropriate response to Global Warming.

To find some inner perspective, Ted visited the Kogi of Colombia, the largest pre-Columbian civilization, began studying the Bahá’í institutional framework and organized key groups of the Occupy Wall Street, continuing into multi year work with local and international First Nations in organizing farmers and waterways. Through this work Ted met and married his greatest inspiration, Anne Apparu, and they now manage a garden in the Upper West Side with three schools, and offer pan-generational education on how global warming can be managed, stopped or even taken advantage of by rebuilding soil systems, advancing global culture of healthy eating, and implementing already functioning patterns of community development and collective learning.


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DAILY DOWNLOAD: Ryan Dernick from & Jonah Bolt cover the 24 hour Global Earth changes; Scientists ‘delete’ HIV virus from human DNA for the first time; Functional HIV Cure Step Closer To Reality With FDA Approval Of Clinical Human Trials; 7 Unexpected Benefits Of Sleeping Naked, Backed By Research; Tropical cyclone activity in the Pacific Ocean starts with major Hurricane Kilo becoming Typhoon Kilo; Cooler temperatures Monday helped firefighters battling a series of big blazes in north-central Washington; Global stock markets still in correction mode; Chipotle sued for GMO free menu claims; Subway meats have large amounts of antibiotics in them; GMO soy study reveal it accumulates carcinogenic formaldehyde; USDA secretary Tom Vilsack is an affiliate of Monsanto.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born.” – Albert Einstein

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: US President Barack Obama

SPECIAL GUEST: Julian forest – A world renowned musician, composer and a noted philosopher who is especially known for his extraordinary new synthesis of classical learning, Science Harmonics and Geometry which rapidly altering the view of art and the world in revolutionary groundbreaking ways. Having experienced in the music of celestial spheres many times, long before becoming a player of musical instruments, “Julian Forest” is the artists who brings this celestial music down to Earth. This urge of creating the celestial sound has being the essential driving force of vast explorations into Physics, Pythagoreanism, Hindu Rishis, Music Theory, Sacred Geometry and many more areas. As all realities interconnect into one star point, the celestial music of Julian forest is rapidly changing in to something transcending, to many who perceive music as a form of ascension.


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DAILY DOWNLOAD: Ryan Dernick from & Jonah Bolt cover the 24 hour Global Earth changes; USGS scientists confirm and agree that man-made earthquakes are increasing from waster water injection (hydraulic fracking); Scientists ‘delete’ HIV virus from human DNA for the first time; INVESTIGATION: Three days before Dr. Bradstreet was found dead in a river, U.S. govt. agents raided his research facility to seize a breakthrough cancer treatment called GcMAF; The earth shook when an avalanche of more than 30,000 tonnes of ice and snow fell into the crater lake of Mt Ruapehu; One of the worst and most expensive wildfire seasons ever in US; Thai police arrested a man who left a bag at the site of a Bangkok blast at a Hindu Shrine that killed 20 people; Stocks moved lower in mid-morning trading Monday as oil prices fell Federal Reserve was still on pace to raise; Indian antitrust officials have accused Google Inc. of stifling competitors and favoring companies that advertise with it; A food safety advocacy group sued an arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture last Tuesday, saying it illegally withheld public information on genetically engineered crops (Monsantos).

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration…” – Nikola Tesla

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: Hugh Grant

SPECIAL GUEST: DR. KENT MESPLAY – Dr, Mesplay is a “Cultural Creative”, born in a rainforest, and raised on ideas of science blended with intuition, fact with story-telling; guided by a deep curiosity of the role of high technology in society. Schooled in Engineering (Harvey Mudd College, Northwestern University), Dr. Mesplay’s Ph.D. is in Biomedical Engineering, with emphasis on prosthetics, biomechanics and efficiency of natural systems. His parents reminded him that as a boy he wanted to put turbines on the trees in his windy village so that everyone could have electric power.

Kent has been a registered member of the Green Party since 1995 when he discovered that the party platform matched his values and concerns: from renewable energy to appreciation of indigenous diversity.

He drums, sings, fasts, sweats and prays at Tribal ceremonies. He is a holder of Guardian Teachings.

An understated over-achiever, Dr. Mesplay was Valedictorian in his high school class (Mira Mesa High School, 1980) and a track athlete all the way through college. He has volunteered with the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Long Beach, CA, taught in the Grossmont Union High School District in La Mesa, CA and has been involved with a number of non-profit organizations: while in Chicago, he constructed homes with Habitat for Humanity; in San Diego, he presided over Turtle Island Institute, a former non-profit (501(c)(3);1996-2002). Currently, he is Secretary of the nonprofit Civilization Transformation Project and their Primate Rescue Network fundraising activities.

Currently, Kent is an Air Quality Inspector II for the Air Pollution Control District of San Diego County, California (since 2001). He inspects businesses that have the potential to emit particulates, volatile organic compounds and other pollutants such as asbestos. He is a member of Service Employees International Union (SEIU). As a steel-toed environmental regulator, Kent sees, daily, the struggle of businesses surviving the economic climate. Global Climate Change is a topic of personal and professional interest. His perspectives on Climate Change are an outgrowth of his observations as a scientist and his Native heritage, teachings and awareness.

He is a trained Emergency Shelter Manager (through the San Diego County Office of Emergency Services (O.E.S.)) and is called upon to manage evacuation shelters during the fire-storms that plague Southern California. He managed the Del Mar shelter in 2007.

Kent’s verdant political work includes:
California Delegate to the Green National Committee (G.N.C.), December 2004 to present. Nader delegate, 1996.
County Council of the Green Party, San Diego County (Treasurer & Communications Committee Co-chair 1996; Member 2006-2008)
Candidate: U.S. Senate (CA, 1996); presidency (2004, 2008, 2012)


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DAILY DOWNLOAD: Jonah Bolt covers the latest global news. Shocking Claim: Scientists Think Octopuses Might Be Aliens After Studying Their DNA; The National Cancer Institute Updates FAQ Page: ‘Cannabis Kills Cancer’; Brazil’s National Cancer Institute Names GM Crops as Cause of Massive Pesticide Use; Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields; Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields; China to Build World’s First Amethyst Crystal Hotel; Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics; Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics; Hawaii’s Governor Dumps Oil and Gas in Favor of 100 Percent Renewables.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” – Albert Einstein

GAME OF THRONES Person of the Day: David Ige

SPECIAL GUEST: Marc Gray – Marc has been handling monthly UFO community events in France (in Rouen, Normandy) since 2011. He has been leading and translating numerous interviews with contactees, experiencers and various UFO community international researchers and speakers during his events and on a regular basis for a Web radio show named UFO Conscience, has been a speaker himself on various radio shows in France and Canada (l’OVNI Show, ODH-TV, Bob vous dit toute la vérité, Project Freedom Radio Network, Frequence Evasion, etc.), and has put together the first congress offering conferences on “Exo-Contact” this year in France (June 2014).

He is a contactee starseed, and experiencer. He’s a French native and used to live in Florida for 14 years. His professional background includes over 20 years of business-to-business sales/marketing experience including a solid involvement in sales project Consulting and management in various industry sectors. He graduated in Business Management & International Marketing at the I.D.R.A.C. Business Institute in Paris, and holds an M.A. in Liberal Arts at the University of Paris XIII. Marc resides near Rouen, Normandy in France.


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